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Steelers Are Too Scared To Dream Big

The Pittsburgh Steelers never shoot for the stars and there's a reason for that.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers will go another season without any changes. They'll risk being another 9-8 team and having to make moves next season instead of this one. And they should change their NFL Draft plans with the personnel they have on staff. 

Why? Because they're afraid of anything too big. 

The NFL is a constant revolving door of coaches. Not in Pittsburgh. Despite having a future Hall of Famer as their head coach, the rest of their staff has stayed pretty consistent throughout Mike Tomlin's career. 

His coordinators are just good enough to stay coordinators but just average enough to never be considered for a higher position. 

Longevity is what the Steelers look for in their coaches, not stardom. And it continues to leave major question marks. 

Plus, what changes with the Steelers offseason plans moving forward and why the AFC North might be getting easier. 

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