(EDITOR'S NOTE: To listen to the Drew Lock interview, fast-forward to 25:40 of the attachment above).

The Denver Broncos were expected to choose a quarterback in last week's draft, though it wasn't just any quarterback. They were expected to choose Missouri’s Drew Lock.

And they did.

But there was a catch. Instead of picking him in the first round, as many mock drafts predicted, the Broncos waited until one round later. And then it was after trading up to acquire him with the second of two second-round draft choices, the 42nd overall pick.

Clearly, they had a conviction about Lock, though it wasn't as strong as draftniks predicted. And they acted on it.

So now the question: When does he play?

With former Ravens’ star Joe Flacco in place as the starter, it doesn’t have to be immediately. And, barring an injury to Flacco, it probably won’t. But that’s OK with Lock. In fact, he says he’s prepared to sit a season as Patrick Mahomes did in Kansas City in 2017 or step in to take over as a rookie, as happened last year with Baker Mayfield in Cleveland.

“I, truthfully, don’t have a preference,” he said on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast.

But he does have a preference when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks. So we tested him, asking Lock to choose which quality he values most in a quarterback. Accuracy? Leadership? Arm strength? What?

“Accuracy’s obviously huge,” he said. “But my number-one thing is confidence. You’re about to go into a huddle, and there are 30-year-olds. They’ve got two kids at home and a wife, and you’re a 22-year-old … not necessarily a kid but a young adult … going into a huddle. And if you go in there shaking a little bit, they’re going to feel that. They’re going to know you’re not ready.

“So I think going in with confidence … being a confident quarterback whether you mess up, you throw a pick in front of 100,000, you’ve got to be able to come back and make a play the next drive. So, truthfully, in my mind, I think confidence is the biggest key.”

The Broncos had enough confidence in Lock to groom him as a future starter. Now, it’s up to him to prove them right. And, just a hunch, but after throwing 99 career touchdown passes -- including an SEC-record 44 in 2017 -- confidence won’t be an issue with him.

And it isn’t.

“I’m really excited,” he said.

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