A third NFL team in Texas?

Rick Gosselin

There are four NFL teams now in California and three apiece in Florida and New York. So why not three in Texas?

That’s what our listeners and readers concluded in our last Talk of Fame Network poll. With the Raiders soon on their way to Las Vegas, we asked what the next city to benefit from NFL relocation would be and offered up eight options, including one in Canada, one in Mexico and one in England. San Antonio won with 26.1 percent of the vote, nosing out London at 23.3 percent.

Toronto finished third in the vote with 15.6 percent support, followed by San Diego at 10.6 percent and Mexico City at 10 percent. Oakland, Portland and St. Louis all finished with single-digit support.

San Antonio has been a forever expansion candidate and even housed an NFL team for a stretch during the 2005 season when the New Orleans Saints were forced to relocate because of Hurricane Katrina. As the seventh largest city in the nation, San Antonio is the largest metropolitan area without an NFL team. And in the Alamodome, the city already has an NFL-ready stadium. Texas is the second largest state in the nation, trailing only California but only has NFL representation from the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

The NFL is playing regular season games this season in both London and Mexico City and creating an international footprint is a front burner item for league owners.

The three Talk of Fame Network hosts were split in their votes, with Borges going London, Judge San Diego and Gosselin San Antonio:

Borges: "I like San Antonio and love San Diego but I'm a citizen of the world. Put teams in London and Berlin, where the game is popular, and let's go international."

Gosselin: "Football is king in Texas. The state deserves a third team."

Judge: "The league wants to move to Europe, but not so fast. That will take years. The short-term solution is San Diego. It had an NFL team, and, like what happened in St. Louis, Cleveland and Baltimore, the league will want to return to an area that lost a club -- especially one that was in place over five decades. Furthermore, it gives the NFL an unexpected opportunity -- namely, to return to the best Super Bowl site anywhere."


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