Banner: Sapp "very misguided" in assessment of Myles Garrett


Most persons -- including former Cleveland Browns' CEO Joe Banner -- have the Browns taking Texas A&M pass rusher Myles Garrett with the first pick of Thursday's draft. But Hall-of-Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp isn't most persons.

He made headlines last weekend when he said the Browns would be making a mistake by choosing Garrett first because, as he put it, the Texas A&M star is "a lazy kid that makes four plays a game" and is someone who "ain't even close" to being the most talented player in the draft.

As you might expect, that caused a seismic reaction, with a push back from draft experts, GMs and league observers -- including Banner, who now works with ESPN and who rebutted Sapp on this week's Talk of Fame Network broadcast.

"Warren is completely wrong on the way he describes this guy's talent," he said. "He describes the guy that occasionally jumps up and makes a play and, in between, nothing happens. That's crazy. This is an extremely talented player.

"And he also describes him as lazy, which I would disagree with completely. But I do think there are stretches in games -- not like just a play where you're catching your breath -- where you don't see the kind of effort that you see from some of these really relentless ... scouts call them high-motor ... guys. So I'm 90 percent away from Warren. But he is speaking a little accuracy to bring up the question of just how non-stop is this guy's motor.

"He played injured this year (and) maybe that caused him to rest a little bit more. But to be questioning the talent and upside of this guy? That's just very misguided. He's got an exceptional amount of talent; a guy you'd love to have on your team. You just want to make sure he's fully in love with the game and will give you everything he's got."

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Sapp erred in judgment. The former Tampa Bay star is the guy who called out former tight end Jeremy Shockey as the informant who turned in the Saints for Bountygate -- a charge Shockey denied and that proved erroneous.

Sapp also had several altercations with officials during his career, including a 2007 ejection after allegedly bumping referee Jerome Boger -- an incident that cost Sapp a $75,000 fine by the league office. Four years earlier he was fined $50,000 for bumping an official while running on to the field before a game.

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