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Most NFL coaches are fortunate if they get one franchise quarterback in their careers. Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, a former quarterback himself, has had three of them in his NFL coaching career – Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck.

“I always called Peyton a piranha,” said Arians, whose 3-0 Cardinals have a bye this week. “You could not feed him enough information. He could decipher it, use it, play with it. Ben knew his offense inside and out, but he just liked to play the game. He would beat you with his talent. Andrew is the combination of both. He's the athlete and strength of Ben and he's as cerebral as Peyton. I think he's an unbelievable talent.”

Arians shared his insight on the Talk of Fame Network show this weekend with hosts Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge.

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