Centennial Class chosen ... but Hall will wait until Jan. 15 to reveal results

Clark Judge

You’re going to have to wait another week for the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame’s Centennial Class of 2020. While that class was chosen Wednesday, it won’t be revealed until next Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 7 a.m. on the NFL Network.

That was the announcement by the Hall after its “blue-ribbon panel” met for 10 hours in Canton and elected a class of 15 seniors, contributors and coaches.

Included on that panel was New England coach Bill Belichick, whom the Canton Repository reported flew to Canton to join the committee Wednesday.

The Centennial Class, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the NFL, includes 10 seniors (players who last were active more than 25 seasons ago), three contributors (any individuals other than players or coaches) and two coaches who last coached over five seasons ago.

Former offensive linemen Duke Slater and Al Wistert are among the favorites as seniors.

The Hall’s panel considered nearly 300 nominations before reducing the candidates last month to 38 finalists (20 seniors, 10 contributors and eight coaches).

The 15 inductees chosen Wednesday will join five modern-era selections to comprise the Class of 2020. Those candidates will be chosen on Saturday, Feb. 1, in Miami by the Hall’s 48-member board of selectors.

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my projected 10 seniors prior to the finalists being unveiled were Slater, Dilweg, Wistert, Emerson, Lewellen, Harris, Karras, Speedie, Gradishar and Shell. Since those 10 made the list of 20, I will stay with those as my predictions.

That said, I wouldn't be disappointed in any of the 20 making Hall. The BRP did a great job with their selections. All 20 are worthy candidates.

I think the first three I listed, Slater, Dilweg and Wistert are locks. My personal pick and one I have my fingers crossed on is Bobby Dillon. I really like his story and hope he is one of the 10.

I also hope that the ten that don't make it this year are at the top of the list for future years as senior candidates. This shouldn't be a last shot for the 10. They made it on this list, and while their are other names not on the list that are worthy, they shouldn't be passed up and forgotten in future years by others for the senior category nominee(s). Hopefully the BRP members that are also part of the Hall selection committee takes what they learned from these meetings and use it for the future senior committee discussions.

Coach predictions - Parker and Flores. Contributor predictions - Young, Sabol and Hay

This whole centennial class thing is fun to follow!

No. 1-2
brian wolf
brian wolf

Got a theory...

Since Clark, Ron and Goose cant be cryptic and let me know if I am right, we will just have to see weds...

Gary Meyers was on Twitter yesterday and seemed thankful for being a part of this BRP.

Considering he seemed upbeat, and used to write for the Dallas Cowboys, I think both Pearson and Harris made the Hall, and why might you ask ?

I believe some people want Winston Hill to represent the AFL, so if he goes in along with Slater, then one if not two offensive lineman from the all decade selections, may have gotten bumped off...

However,...If Hill gets voted in on the offensive line, then another 1st team all decade player, gets to be put in, making it tailor made for Harris, who is also a deserving safety.

So, Dallas teammates get in, probably two Packers, my guess being Dilweg and Dillon, and Slater and Hill replacing either Emerson, Covert or both.

We shall see...

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