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When Terrell Owens failed to reach the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this month, he and his supporters decried the process and shredded voters -- calling for one or the other to change if Owens weren't elected pronto.

"A total joke," Owens said in a tweet immediately after he learned he didn't make it.

OK, that's his opinion. It is not, however, the opinion of another wide receiver who should be in the Hall but is not. And that's former Dallas star Drew Pearson who, unlike Owens, was a first-team all-decade choice and who, unlike Owens, has waited nearly three decades for a call from Canton.

Owens has waited two years.

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So our Rick Gosselin contacted Pearson to get his take on Owens and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Pearson was direct, reasoned and unsympathetic in a story that ran in the Dallas Morning News. Owens won't like what Pearson says, but he should pay attention. And he ... and you ... can start now by reading it here: