Dungy on TOF radio: "I'm really saddened" by Ray Rice episode


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Former coach Tony Dungy, now a Hall-of-Fame candidate and analyst for NBC's Sunday Night Football in America, joins the Talk of Fame Network's radio program this weekend for an in-depth interview that covers subjects past, present and future -- including the Ray Rice fiasco.

"I'm really saddened by the whole thing," Dungy told our Rick Gosselin, Ron Borges and Clark Judge, "and I think it points not just to the NFL but to society in general. I pray for Ray Rice. I pray they can make it through this. If there is any lesson we learned, it will be: How do we get the message across to young men, football players included, that this just cannot happen?"

Dungy also talks about quarterbacks and which one he'd choose to win one game. Keep in mind that Dungy was Terry Bradshaw's teammate ... and that, as a player, he beat Roger Staubach ... and that, as a defensive coordinator, he hung the only loss on the 1984 San Francisco 49ers and Joe Montana as a defensive coordinator ... and that, as a head coach, he beat Tom Brady in the 2006 AFC championship game.

To say he qualifies as an expert on quarterbacks is an understatement -- one reason we asked him to make the choice.

"People won't believe this," he said, "but I'd have to say Peyton Manning. I know how he prepares. I know what he is going to do in the big games. Just look at some of the defenses that Staubach, Brady, Bradshaw and Montana had. I think if you Peyton Manning on any of those teams he's not going to lose many championship games."

In addition to sitting down with Dungy, Rick, Ron and Clark go over this week's entries for the Hall of Shame, question why Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson doesn't get more attention and dissect potential Hall of Famers in their Game of the Week . Plus, Rick tells you why a couple of notable teams shouldn't worry about last weekend's losses, while Ron makes a Hall-of-Fame pitch for former Cincinnati quarterback Ken Anderson.

All of this and more when the Talk of Fame Network airs this weekend.

Tony Dungy photo courtesy Indianapolis Colts
Tony Dungy photo courtesy Indianapolis Colts

Photo courtesy of Indianapolis Colts


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