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(Photos courtesy of the Green Bay Packers)

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It’s a logical question. Ron Wolf was such a superb judge of talent he was elected to the Hall of Fame. But it’s also a loaded question. As general manager of the Green Bay Packers, Wolf swung the deal that delivered Brett Favre to the Packers – a move that changed the face of the franchise.

So now the question: You have three quarterbacks on the board but can choose only one. Who will it be? Favre, Tom Brady or Joe Montana?

We asked Wolf on the latest Talk of Fame Network radio broadcast, and it caused an uncomfortable moment for the guy who conceded “without Brett Favre no one would know who Ron Wolf is.” It also caused an unexpected answer.

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“My vote is prejudiced,” Wolf conceded, “because of Brett Favre. I would take Favre … but I probably should take Brady. If I was intelligent enough, I would say Tom Brady because what he’s accomplished is just remarkable.

“That really hurts me because I owe a great deal to Brett Favre. In my career I spent 38 years active; I spent three more years as a consultant to go to 41, (and) the best player I’ve ever been around personally was Brett Favre. I don’t know a darned thing about Tom Brady other than watching him play. But I would have to say Tom Brady.”

That doesn’t mean Wolf thinks Brady is the first guy he’d sign up to play quarterback. It just means he’s the first modern-day quarterback he’d think of to make him hedge on Favre. But Wolf made it clear there’s another quarterback nobody talks about … but should.

And that’s Hall-of-Famer Otto Graham.

“There’s a guy,” Wolf said, “that no one ever wants to talk about for some reason who played the game for ten years and for ten years his team was in the championship game winning seven of those, which is a remarkable accomplishment. He happens to be in the hall of fame. And his name is Otto Graham.”