Favre: No assistant had bigger influence on me than Mariucci


(Photos courtesy of the Green Bay Packers)

Talk of Fame Network

Brett Favre was one of the game’s greatest quarterbacks, and, after joining Green Bay in 1992, he was schooled by one of the game’s greatest offensive staffs – one that included head coach Mike Holmgren and assistants Steve Mariucci, Jon Gruden, Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg.

Gruden, Mariucci, Reid and Mornhinweg would go on to become head coaches – with Gruden winning a Super Bowl and Reid coaching in one – and all would have an impact on Favre. But common sense says that one of them must have had a greater role in the development of Favre than the others.

And one of them did.

“Without a doubt,” Favre said on last weekend’s Talk of Fame Network radio broadcast, “it was Steve Mariucci. That being said, all those guys played a part. I was extremely blessed to have great coaches—and, most importantly, Steve Mariucci. Because, at that time, he was in my corner. He was the liaison, if you will, between Mike and myself.

"Having Steve Mariucci, who was young, was energetic, was not biased to any other players on the team, really was in my corner ... he spoke up for me. He was awesome. And still, to this day, he’s like family to me. To be honest with you, when he left (for San Francisco in 1997), it was devastating to me. Fortunately, I got over it.

“I do remember when Steve left, Mike called me in the offseason, and he said, ‘Look, I just want you to know, I’m going to make Andy Reid our quarterback coach.’ And, honestly, my first thought, was, ‘Aw, you gotta be kidding me.’ I say that, and I liked Andy. I liked Andy a lot. But Andy was a grinder. It was like he didn’t have any fun.

“Now, when he took over as my coach, we had a blast. We grinded, but it was not what I envisioned. We had a lot of fun. He was extremely bright. He didn’t play quarterback. He played the line at BYU. But he knew the quarterback position in and out. I was very impressed. And when he left it was difficult. But I was around so many good coaches, and a lot of young ones. I was just so lucky to have these coaches at that time of my career that really thought along the same wave length as I did. ”


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