Greene talks HOF disappointments, Tomlinson recalls his combine workout


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Kevin Greene trails only Bruce Smith and Reggie White among quarterback destroyers, but, unlike them, he was not a first ballot Hall of Famer. In fact, despite having 160 sacks during his career, Greene has been Hall-of-Fame eligible for 11 years and a finalist four times ... yet is still awaiting induction.

Greene visits the Talk-of-Fame guys this weekend to discuss not only the frustration of his long wait but also to defend himself against the charge he was a one-trick pony who only rushed the passer. Along the way Greene explains why, unlike most players, he got better with age.

"I figured it out!'' Greene said. "I knew I could put an offensive tackle in a position of failure.''

Next week the annual NFL scouting combine begins, so the guys sat down with one of the game's greatest running backs, LaDainian Tomlinson, to discuss his unusual decision in 2001 to participate in combine workouts while most top-rated college players tend to wait for more controlled personal workouts.

"I knew a lot of eyes would be on me at the combine,'' recalled Tomlinson, who had one of the great workouts in combine history and became the fifth player drafted that spring. "It was my opportunity to put on a show. I took the combine as a job interview.''

He passed with flying colors, retiring fifth on the NFL's all-time rushing list. Despite his elite status, Tomlinson doesn't put himself on his personal Mt. Rushmore of running backs. But he did put Jim Brown there.

"He's the Godfather of running backs,'' Tomlinson said. ''If he doesn't say anything about you, you haven't done anything as a running back.''

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