How Marvin Gaye nearly became a Lion and ex-head of officials got the shove from Roger Goodell



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This week the Talk of Fame Network guys are visited by Hall-of-Fame cornerback Lem Barney, former NFL head of officials and FOX Network officiating commentator Mike Pereira, ex-Washington Redskins and Houston Texans general manager Charlie Casserly.

And sort of by soul music legend Marvin Gaye

Pereira has a new book out, “After Further Review: Inside the Infamous, Controversial and Unforgettable Calls that Changed the NFL,’’ and it became an immediate bombshell when the former head of NFL officials revealed that commissioner Roger Goodell once shoved into an office during a heated discussion about whether an official would be suspended.

Pereira revealed not only that he at first wasn’t planning to include the incident in the book but was shocked at the public response to the story. Pereira was more critical of NFL management than officials but said he did not fear potential repercussions.

“I don’t really care how it affected my relationship with 345 Park Avenue (the league office in New York),’’ he said. “I wasn’t getting anything from them anyway.’’

Barney starred for years in the Lions’ secondary at a time when bump-and-run coverage was more like assault-and-run, but that is not his only claim to fame. Lem tells the guys how he and teammate Mel Farr sang backup on Marvin Gaye’s signature song, “What’s Going On?’’

He also reveals for the first time that Gaye fancied himself a football player, even though he hadn’t played in either high school or college. Lem tells you how one of the world’s greatest soul singers talked then Lions’ head coach Joe Schmidt into a tryout ... and what the result was.

Casserly pulled off the trade that netted him both the entire New Orleans Saints draft in in 1999 and Champ Bailey yet when asked what his all-time favorite draft pick was it turned out to be third-down wizard and explosive return man Brian Mitchell. Charley also makes a spirited Hall-of-Fame arguments for former Redskins’ lineman Joe Jacoby and general manager Bobby Beathard.

In addition, Buffalo News enterprise reporter Tim Graham visits to tell the sad tale of Bjorn Nittmo, a former kicker who played in only six NFL games but is now ravaged by the fallout of a concussion sustained in a 1997 pre-season game while kicking off for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It is a story you won’t want to miss.

Hosts Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge also offer their Rinnai Difference Maker of the Week award winners and debate the Hall-of-Fame chances of Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

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