How the Hall of Fame should address future no-shows


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In the wake of Terrell Owens' boycott of last weekend's Hall-of-Fame induction ceremony, there have been suggestions as to what the Hall should do next … if, in fact, there is a next … when someone stiffs Canton -- with one report indicating it is considering a rule guaranteeing the attendance of future inductees.

To which we respond … huh?

Look, we don't know if there will be future boycotts, but one thing we've learned covering the NFL over the past four decades is never to say never. Sooooo .... we have an idea.

As Hall-of-Fame voters, we at the Talk of Fame Network believe that any proposal guaranteeing the attendance of enshrinees is … how should we put this? … ill-conceived and misguided. It not only is an overreaction to what just transpired but an idea fraught with so many potholes it creates more problems than it solves.

So, then, how should the Hall respond if and when, say, T.O., Part Deux, decides he'd rather be celebrated in Tennessee … or California … or Kuala Lumpur … than Canton? Ah, there's an easy solution, and it's one the Hall should waste no time embracing. And that solution is …

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