If it were up to former Steelers, Ken Stabler would be in the Hall


Photo courtesy of Oakland Raiders
Photo courtesy of Oakland Raiders

 (Photos courtesy of the Oakland Raiders)

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Hall-of-Fame selectors have resisted the urge to send former quarterback Ken Stabler, who died Thursday, to Canton, and a lot of Oakland Raiders’ fans don’t understand why. But that’s to be expected. What’s not is the reaction that Bama Mag’s A.P. Steadham got from an unexpected group of allies at a recent charity event.

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yep, the team that battled Stabler and the Raiders through the 1970s … the team that kept Pittsburgh from its third consecutive Super Bowl in 1976 … the team that took coach Chuck Noll and the Steelers’ organization to court over Noll’s “criminal element” comment following the 1976 season opener … rallied to Stabler’s side when Steadham posed Hall-of-Fame questions to them.

And they didn’t hedge. Reading http://www.scout.com/college/alabama/story/1559684-steelers-endorse-stabler-for-pro-hall-of-fame it’s clear there's more than Raiders’ Nation that believes Ken Stabler is Hall-of-Fame worthy. There are plenty of qualified former players who witnessed Stabler’s exploits from where they can be evaluated best.

The other side of the line of scrimmage.


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