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(Photos courtesy of the Jacksonville Jaguars)

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Don’t tell Allen Robinson that former Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson’s not a Hall of Famer. He knows better.

No, Robinson doesn’t sit on the Hall of Fame’s board of selectors, but he was one of the top receivers in the NFL last season. And from where the Jacksonville wide receiver stood – which was atop the league in touchdowns, tied with three others – he has no doubt what’s ahead for Megatron.

“I think for sure he’s a Hall of Famer,” Robinson said on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast. “Him and a couple of other guys have really helped evolve the receiver position. When you think of big, fast guys he’s the first person I think of. And then before that, I think of Randy Moss. You really didn’t see too many guys come into the NFL with the size and speed that those guys had. So I think he really changed the game.”

Robinson is more than an impartial spectator on Johnson’s career. He grew up in Detroit where Megatron spent his entire career, so he knows more than most about the Lions’ career receiving leader. And he believes “there’s a good possibility” Johnson stays retired, even though he’s only 30.

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“Just because of the simple fact that it’s already … kinda … I would say annoying as a player where you’re battling nicks and stuff during the course of a season,” he said. “Where you’re going through a season and you’re not 100 percent. That’s always tough, even going into a season not 100 percent.”

But, as Robinson made clear, when Johnson wasn’t hurt … when he wasn’t impaired … there was no one like him.

“Some of the years that he had were just outrageous,” he said. “I believe he was only a few yards shy of 2,000 yards receiving some years back (he had an NFL-record 1,964 in 2012), and that’s just so hard to do in this league -- especially with him knowing that he’s the best receiver on his team (that) he’s going to face a double team. So having 1900-plus yards … that’s really unheard of.”

So is pulling down 14 touchdown passes and producing 1,400 yards receiving in a single season … for Jacksonville. Yet Robinson did that in only his second year, the first receiver in franchise history to eclipse 1,000 yards since Jimmy Smith, and that should tell you what he’s about as a receiver.

And if it doesn’t … well, just ask Robinson. We did, and he was quick with a response.

“I would for sure have to consider myself up there with the best … if not the best,” he said. “I think I’m still coming along as becoming more versatile, not only a downfield threat but as a route runner as well.”