McNabb talks Hall of Fame and Final Four; ex-GM Jerry Angelo reveals Draft Day secrets


Donovan McNabb photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles
(Donovan McNabb photo courtesy of Philadelphia Eagles)

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The Talk of Fame Network's four-week NFL draft series kicks off with visits from former Chicago Bears' general manager Jerry Angelo to discuss the draft from a front-office point of view and former first-round pick Donovan McNabb, who drops by to talk about drafting a quarterback as well as an NCAA tournament using insider information.

Our Talk-of-FameNetwork hosts, Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge, delved into the process Angelo used to build Super Bowl teams in Tampa and Chicago, and, while they found it’s exhaustive, surprisingly Angelo revealed he was not a believer in having a deep draft board.

“At the end there were probably 75 players we wanted,’’ Angelo said. “Normally, that would get you through the draft. It’s a misnomer to think it’s a big list (of potential draftees).’’

Like most GMs of his time, Angelo bemoaned missing on Tom Brady, who was the 199th player selected in the 2000 draft. Angelo tells how he once asked Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick where he’d gone wrong, bemoaning what he felt was Brady’s lack arm strength in college.

“A lot of people are kicking themselves on that one,’’ Angelo said.

McNabb becomes Hall-of-Fame eligible next year but says he’s “not worried’’ because his goal was never to get to Canton. It was to get to Washington, D.C., to do something other than play the Redskins.

“My dream was somehow to get to the White House and shake the President’s hand,’’ McNabb said of searching for a way to win the Super Bowl.

He’ll be more on pins and needles this weekend when his beloved Syracuse Orange men and Orange women compete in the Final Four, although he has split loyalties in the latter. McNabb played on Syracuse’s 1996 national championship finalist team and so he bleeds orange. But his niece, Kia Nurse, plays for the University of Connecticut, the undefeated defending women’s champion.

Whom will he support? Tune in to find out.

Our guys also discuss this week’s hot topics, including a number of troubling comments made by NFL owners minimizing the growing connection between concussions and long-term disability among retired NFL players, while entertaining Hall-of-Fame voter Tony Grossi, who discusses the Browns' acquisition of Robert Griffin III and what it means for the franchise.

Ron argues this week’s State Your Case, laying out the credentials of Fred Taylor, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ running back he feels is the most underrated back of his era. Taylor’s production may surprise you.

Gosselin, our resident Dr. Data, also reveals some stunning facts about quarterbacks drafted on the first round. Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1967, 102 have been selected in that round ... but you may be surprised how few took their original teams to the Super Bowl.

It’s also April Fools Week, so the guys recall the biggest April Fools in the NFL -- with Ron relating a draft story in which it was the Patriots who got fooled when their phone lines got crossed with his on Draft Day.

There’s all that and much more this week on the Talk of Fame Network. You can hear the full two-hour show on 80 radio stations around the country, on the TuneIn app or by going to iTunes and downloading the podcast of this or any past show. You can also listen on your computer by going to and clicking on the microphone icon.

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