Mean Joe Greene: What T.O. is "missing" with Canton snub


Since Terrell Owens announced plans to make history this summer -- becoming the first person ever to fail to show up for his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame -- several Gold Jackets have stepped forward to admonish him.

Make former Steelers' star Joe Greene the latest.

On the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast, the seven-time All-Pro said that Owens, who's a member of the Hall's Class of 2018, should reconsider his decision not to appear -- and for a simple reason: Because it affects more individuals than just T.O. and those involved with the Hall.

"I would say to T.O. (that) the fraternity of players … they all probably were fans of yours," Greene said. "They had nothing to do with whatever you think the Hall of Fame as a whole has against you … or anyone.

"I think you need to put that in the background and get rid of it because you're missing one of the most important times of your life. I don't want to compare it with being married and having a family, but it's a joyous day. And the guys … they won't be able to welcome you there into the fraternity."

Greene's message echoed that of others, including Owens' former teammate, Hall-of-Fame quarterback Steve Young. And, like Hall-of-Famer and former Steelers' star Rod Woodson, Greene mentioned that Owens not only is hurting himself by not appearing at Canton but hurting those who contributed and supported him along the way.

"Most of all," said Greene, "(the induction ceremony) is for those people who saw you before you became the great NFL star who shepherded you along the way --- your family, your coaches, your friends. They want to share that with you.

"The thing that you understand and that you learn when you walk up there (is) we all get choked up because we know it wasn't all about us. And he's missing that."


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