Nate Newton scolds NFL: "Don't Mess With Brady's legacy''


61/70 Nate Newton, G/T, Florida A&M, 1987-98 vs. New York Giants, Nov. 7, 1994
61/70 Nate Newton, G/T, Florida A&M, 1987-98 vs. New York Giants, Nov. 7, 1994

(Brady Photo courtesy of New England Patriots)

(Newton photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys)

By Ron Borges

Talk of Fame Network

Three-time Super Bowl champion Nate Newton knows a thing or two about winning football and troubled times. So when he looks at Tom Brady’s situation he sees two different things: He sees a quarterback who couldn’t beat his Dallas Cowboys when they were winning three Super Bowls in four years (1992-1995) -- but a player the NFL should keep their hands off.

Asked by Talk of Fame Network hosts Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge this week how he thought Dallas' Super Bowl championship teams led by Hall-of-Famers Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Charles Haley and anchored by one of the best offensive lines ever assembled would have fared against the defending Super Bowl champions, Newton was clear in his belief.

“Oh, we win that game, man,’’ the six-time Pro Bowl offensive guard said on the weekly Talk of Fame radio show. “We win that game because they ain’t got nobody to stop us.

“We could stop them. Charles Haley. Tony Tolbert. Darren Woodson. We stop them. We can stop them. We got guys to stop them. All they got is Gronk….ah...the running…I mean the quarterback, Brady. You got me excited, brother. I’m stumbling!"

"Ain’t no way in the world, brother! I’m about to cuss! Ain’t no way in hell they could beat us. Nah. We were too physical, too mean and just didn’t give a damn. That’s the bottom line.’’

When Judge then jokingly asked what might have happened if the footballs were deflated, Newton launched into a spirited defense of Brady, whose appeal of a four-game suspension for allegedly being “at least generally aware of inappropriate activities’’ involving the deflating of footballs before last year’s AFC championship game is now being mediated in federal court.

Newton at first said no football would have been soft enough to spare New England the wrath of his Cowboys, but then, in mid-sentence, began to scold the NFL for suspending Brady despite flimsy evidence of a minor equipment violation.

“They could be under-inflated, over-inflated… the way, they don’t need to do that guy like that,’’ Newton said. “That guy is too great of a player. Even if he did deflate the balls, fine the guy. Let the guy play ball. Don’t mess with his legacy.

“Don’t smear him like that. Don’t do him like that. Stuff has been done way worse than what this kid did. Please don’t do this kid like that. It’s not worth it. It’s not cool for the league.’’

So despite what Roger Goodell might think of Brady, he's cool with Nate Newton. Unless he ever squared off against his 1992 Cowboys.


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