Need last-minute help at QB in tonight's draft? Brian Billick offers this advice

Clark Judge

Former Baltimore Ravens’ head coach Brian Billick has last-minute advice for teams looking to this week’s draft for the next franchise quarterbacks: Be smart and be patient.

Billick, who’s working on an upcoming book on quarterbacks, cautions readers not to pay too much attention to what happened in last year’s quarterback-rich draft when five were chosen in the first round – all of whom finished the season as starters. With the exception of Baker Mayfield, he warns, all produced as you might expect from rookies.

They weren’t exactly overwhelming.

And that’s where the patience comes in. Too often, people are eager to cut their losses and move on … but look what happened with Drew Brees in San Diego. When the Chargers gave up on him prior to his fourth year there they acquired Philip Rivers in a Draft Day trade for Eli Manning. Result? Brees turned into the quarterback they envisioned, leading the Chargers to a 2004 division title.

Billick’s advice is especially relevant this week, with Arizona considering quarterback Kyler Murray with the first pick of the draft – one year after making Josh Rosen their first pick of the draft. And it’s must-see viewing for clubs desperate to find their next starting quarterbacks or weighing their options at the position in the 2019 draft.

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