Talk of Fame Network

There was unanimity this week in the Talk of Fame Network poll. It seems everyone got it right.

Our voters and every one of the Talk of Fame Network hosts all agreed that in the fourth quarter, if you’re up by a field goal with seven minutes remaining, the running back you want with the football in his hands is Cleveland Browns Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

Brown received 43 percent of the vote, followed by Walter Payton at 23 percent, Emmitt Smith at 20 percent and Earl Campbell 13 percent.

“Give him the ball in any situation and it's the right thing to do,” Ron Borges said. “He's only the greatest running back who ever lived.”

That’s hard to argue. Brown played nine seasons, went to nine Pro Bowls and won eight rushing titles. He averaged 1,368 yards per season and an NFL-record 5.1 yards per carry.

"No one guy could tackle him and, sometimes, no one defensive line could, either,” Clark Judge said. “Why wouldn't I give him the ball? It's like giving the puck to Bobby Orr. When you're that much better than everyone, you should be in charge of the game ... and Jim Brown was."

Smith, by the way, is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher and Payton ranks second.

Courtesy of Cleveland Browns