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(Jim Plunkett photo courtesy of Oakland Raiders)

Talk of Fame Network

The Talk of Fame Network celebrated Cinco de Mayo by visiting with Jim Plunkett, the only Latino Super Bowl MVP and the only quarterback to start and win two Super Bowls and not be in the Hall of Fame.

Plunkett had just gotten back from Mexico City, where he was doing marketing work for the Raiders in advance of their November game against the Texans, and came away convinced that, regardless of what Donald Trump may say, Mexico City is ready for the NFL.

“Mexico is primed and ready to go,’’ Plunkett said on the latest Talk broadcast of possible international NFL expansion. “It’s closer than London by a lot for most of the teams in the NFL. They’ve certainly got the population to support an NFL team. Mexicans are huge Raiders fans, huge Cowboys fans and huge Pittsburgh fans for some reason.’’

Plunkett also revealed that before he came off the bench early in the 1981 season to replace the injured Dan Pastorini and lead Oakland to the first of two Super Bowl victories, he asked to be traded, fearful he would never get a chance to start after failed tenures in New England and San Francisco.

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“I had quite a bit of self-doubt ... if I failed now, I might never, ever get that opportunity again,’’ Plunkett said of taking over Oakland’s offense that season. “Things worked out extremely well, not only for me but for the Raiders.’’

Things worked out well in the NFL for former Washington Redskins’ running back and league MVP Larry Brown too. Brown played only eight years in the league before injuries ended his career, but he led the NFL in rushing and had a four-year “window of greatness’’ similar to Denver’s Terrell Davis. Co-host Rick Gosselin states the Hall-of-Fame case for Brown, who was asked what it was like to play as a rookie in Washington for Vince Lombardi. Brown revealed how Lombardi figured out he was he was deaf in one ear and recalled him as a tough taskmaster.

“Vince Lombardi had an incredible ability to teach and motivate you on and off the field,’’ Brown recalled. “He used fear and intimidation at the highest level.’’

The guys also discuss the Raiders’ possible move to Las Vegas with Las Vegas Review-Journal sports columnist Ed Graney, who believes a stadium financing plan will soon be approved with casino backing, setting the stage for owner Mark Davis to have a showdown with Oakland city officials and the league with the growing threat of taking the Raiders to Sin City.

Rick and co-hosts Ron Borges and Clark Judge kick around the remnants of the NFL draft as well and recall the career of the Jets’ great offensive tackle Winston Hill, who passed away at 74, while Borges takes apart the Chiefs’ decision to draft West Alabama kick returner Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs chose Hill less than two years after he pleaded guilty to domestic violence after assaulting his girlfriend, who was eight weeks pregnant.

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