Poll result: "Legion'' was doomed



(Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Steelers)


The public went old school on us in this week's poll, ignoring the defensive noise from Seattle's "Legion of Boom'' to name the Pittsburgh Steelers' "Steel Curtain'' as pro football's all-time greatest defensive nickname.

Voters selected "The Steel Curtain'' in 34.8% of the balloting, nosing out, ironically, their great rival of the 1970s, the Dallas Cowboys' 'Doomsday Defense.''

Despite living in Dallas, our Rick Gosselin agreed, saying, "Twelve different defenders earned Pro Bowl acclaim during the 1970s, and with four Lombardi trophies there was indeed steel in that Pittsburgh curtain.''

Ron Borges supported Gosselin's point of view, perhaps recalling the many times he watched the Oakland Raiders shutdown by the Curtain when the two teams battled so ferociously during that era.

"The Steelers brought the curtain down on the Raiders in the playoffs so many times, Al Davis didn't want steel girders used in the remodeling of the Oakland Coliseum,'' Borges said.

Trailing those two was Clark Judge's personal choice, the Minnesota Vikings' "Purple People Eaters.'' Being an aficionado of the music world, Judge's reasoning was odd but not flawed.

"Any time you're named after a Sheb Wooley song and live by the slogan, "Meet at the Quarterback,'' it's all good,'' Judge said.

Trailing those three were the Chicago Bears' "Monsters of the Midway'' with 13.5% of the vote, Seattle's "Legion of Boom,'' which surprisingly garnered only 5.6% and trailing the field was the "Killer Bees'' defense of the Miami Dolphins.


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