Poll results: 'Ice' is nice!


Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, 1967 NFL Championship game, The Ice Bowl

(Photo courtesy of Vernon Biever/Green Bay Packers)

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It's been nearly 50 years since the Green Bay Packers outlasted Dallas -- and the cold -- in "The Ice Bowl," the 1967 NFL championship game played in minus-13 degree weather. But fans still remember what an enormous achievement just surviving that afternoon was.

They voted "The Ice Bowl" as the top worst-weather game in NFL history, with the Packers-Cowboys game gaining 42 percent of the vote to beat "The Freezer Bowl" -- the 1981 AFC championship game between San Diego and Cincinnati -- to the finish line.

Apparently, cold was hot with our readers. The Bolts-Bengals game drew 35 percent of the vote, while "The Snow Bowl," the 2001 AFC divisional game between New England and Oakland was third with 21 percent.

"The Fog Bowl" was a distant fourth at 2 percent.

The Packers-Cowboys game was played in arctic conditions and wasn't decided until Green Bay's Bart Starr made the most famous quarterback sneak in history, wedging himself between guard Jerry Kramer and center Ken Bowman from the 1 with 13 seconds left to score an unforgettable 21-17 victory.

Fans loved it, and so did our panel. All three -- Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge -- threw their support to "The Ice Bowl," too.

"Although 'The Fog Bowl' was fascinating because no one could see," said Borges, "and 'The Snow Bowl' launched the Patriots' dynasty by 'tucking it' to the Raiders, you can't beat 'The Ice Bowl' for drama. The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau. Puffs of half-frozen breath coming out of players like steam in minus-47- degree temperatures. Lombardi in ear muffs, for God's sake. Then the Packers win behind the most famous block in football history. How do you beat that?"

Simple. You don't.

"It looked a lot colder that day in Green Bay," said Gosselin, "watching that game on black-and-white television than it did watching 'The Freezer Bowl' in color. Lombardi, an NFL championship at stake and the weather all racheted that game up to a higher level."

No, the highest level.


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