Former Dolphins’ safety Jake Scott passed away Friday at the age of 75, and many – maybe most – football fans today might ask, “Who?”

Jake. Scott.

Super Bowl MVP.

Starter on the 17-0 Super Bowl champions.

Miami Dolphins' leader in career interceptions, punt returns and return yardage.

Five-time All-Pro.

Five-time Pro Bowler.

And part of two of the best safety tandems in NFL history – first with Dick Anderson in Miami, then with Hall-of-Famer Ken Houston in Washington.

More than that, Jake Scott was Hall-of-Fame worthy. But tell that to the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame’s board of selectors. Scott, who played for Washington later in his career, was never a finalist or semifinalist for Canton, and we don’t understand.

You won’t, either, after reading our “State Your Case” on Scott, first published in March, 2018. We reprint it today in observance of the passing of another Hall-of-Fame caliber star who never reached the steps of Canton: