Rodney Harrison talks Super Bowls and Bill Belichick

Rick Gosselin

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(Photos courtesy of the San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers)

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Rodney Harrison visits the Talk of Fame Network this week and talks about his rise from fifth-round draft roots to the Pro Bowl, his Super Bowls games, the Hall of Fame plus Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

The Talk of Fame Network continues its eight-part draft series and this week focuses on the fifth round. Harrison was a fifth-round pick in 1994 by the San Diego Chargers, the 145th overall selection out of Western Illinois. He didn’t start until his third season but went on to become the first defender in NFL history with 30 career interceptions and 30 sacks. All Harrison wanted, he told us, was an opportunity.

“I didn’t care whether I was a fifth-round draft pick or a third round,” Harrison said. “I said just give me an opportunity, put me on the field and you won’t be disappointed. I didn’t care about the draft. Knew obviously I knew the higher you get drafted the more money you get. But at the same time I just wanted a chance.

“I told (Chargers) coach Bobby Ross, `Give me a chance to play on the field. You will not be disappointed. I’m going to make the team -- not only am I going to make the team, I’m going to be your very best defensive player.”

Harrison went to the Super Bowl as a rookie but his Chargers were blown out by the San Francisco 49ers, 49-26. It took him nine years to get back, this time with the New England Patriots, and this time his team beat the Carolina Panthers, 32-29.

“We were just happy to be there my first Super Bowl,” Harrison said. “We heard guys in warm-ups saying, `There’s Deion Sanders … There’s Jerry Rice.’ I said, `Man, screw them. Let’s go hit them in the mouth. We can’t be in awe of those guys.' Here I am a rookie and I’m hearing seven- and eight-year veterans in awe of them. I knew the game was over then.

“My second Super Bowl with the Patriots, I knew every time we got on the field we were the best team. I knew we were going to win that Super Bowl. We were always prepared. Belichick did a great job of preparing us. We had a lot of great leadership and a good mixture of youth and athleticism. Comparing the two, one team was just happy to be there. The other team knew it deserved to be there.”

Another fifth-round pick, Green Bay center Corey Linsley, also visited the show. He started the entire 2014 season as a rookie and the Packers reached the NFC title game. He talks about his own draft day experience, that title game against the Seahawks and Aaron Rodgers.

In addition, Talk of Fame Network host Ron Borges states the Hall of Fame case of former Baltimore Colts defensive tackle Gene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb and also addresses Chris Borland and the NFL concussion issue in his weekly Borges or Bogus segment. Rick Gosselin analyzes the money spent on cornerbacks this offseason in free agency and your Talk of Fame Network hosts also continue their draft of Hall of Famers, this week selecting players from the fifth round.

Plus the always entertaining two-minute drill at the end of each hour of the two-hour show.


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