Ron Mix: Bolts will be the bigger hit, better team in L.A.


Ron Mix is one of the greatest players in the history of the Chargers -- be it San Diego or L.A.

He started his career with the Los Angeles Chargers, then moved in 1961 with the team to San Diego where he became one of the game's best offensive tackles and a Hall-of-Fame inductee. So Mix, who was born in L.A, has a unique perspective on the team's return to its original home ... and while it makes him sad to see the Chargers leave San Diego he believes they will flourish in Los Angeles.

"I'm really sorry to see them go," he said on this week's Talk of Fame Network broadcast. "I really am. I understand from a business standpoint. I don't blame the Spanos family. They lived up to their lease with San Diego. They've got a right to move the team.

"Most of the fans in San Diego are very upset about it because they feel, 'You know, we're told all the time to be loyal fans -- show up whether (they) win or lose; be loyal, be loyal. Then look: They bail out the first chance they've got to make more money.' I don't really feel that way.

"Losing the team ... I think the city loses something that's intangible; that can't be measured. And that is: It just gives people something to do, something to talk about; gives them a respite from their regular lives. It gives kids heroes to try to emulate ... I think the community is going to be sadder for the loss."

But the Chargers won't be worse for the move, Mix said. In fact, he believes the team will outperform the franchise that preceded them to Los Angeles and that, eventually, shares its stadium with them -- the Los Angeles Rams.

"The people who want to see them (the Chargers) do bad ... they're going to be disappointed," he said. "They're going to do fine in Los Angeles. I've watched soccer games at the StubHub Center. It's a great little venue to go watch a sporting event. And the Chargers ... frankly, they're going to be a better team than the Rams. And they're going to build a bigger fan base, I think."


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