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(Photo courtesy of the Green Bay Packers)

Talk of Fame Network

Ron Wolf was one of the best talent evaluators in the history of pro football, so when he speaks people listen. And when Wolf, who was named to the Hall of Fame Class of 2015, told the Talk of Fame Network’s radio broadcast how he’d fix the Oakland Raiders – a team for which he worked – we not only listened.

We were intrigued by what he said.

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“I think the situation with the Raiders is not entirely their fault,” he said, “and I’m talking about finding a place to play. They need an identity. There is no greater identity than the Oakland Raiders. When you hear of the Oakland Raiders you think of one person and one person only … and that’s Al Davis

“They’ve slipped considerably. (But) I think under (general manager) Reggie McKenzie you’re starting to see life pumped back into that franchise. He solved their cap room two or three years ago. He’s had two heckuva drafts. He got a quarterback and a pressure player on defense, both of which look as if they’re going to be dominant players in a very short period of time. He’s added a running back. In that sense they’re going to be OK.

“(But) you need time. You have to develop yourself. You can’t have that switch all the time of coaching staffs. That doesn’t help anybody.”

In all fairness, Wolf recommended McKenzie when the Raiders were looking for a GM. But he knows what he’s looking at and looking for.