Show One: Goodell, Kraft first up


When you start a radio program you want to start strong ... and we do. We timed our inaugural program to coincide with the Hall of Fame weekend, and we did it with guests who need no introductions -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Goodell's in Canton for this weekend's induction ceremonies, but before leaving New York he called our program to visit with Clark, Rick and Ron and answer their questions about the Hall and its importance to the NFL.

"There are more people who deserve to be in the Hall than are actually in the Hall right now," he said. "And that's what makes your job challenging and difficult -- but also what makes it an honor to be selected. If it was easy to get in it wouldn't be such a special honor."

Kraft followed a similar script, but only after Ron tried to bait him with talk about the "dynasty" he's built in Foxboro.

"Those are your words, not mine," he reminded Borges.

OK, he's right. They are. And there are plenty more where they came from, as Judge, Gosselin and Borges introduce this year's Hall-of-Fame class, remember Chuck Noll, dissect Terrell Owens' Hall-of-Fame candidacy and question why Green Bay's Jerry Kramer -- a 50th anniversary choice -- isn't in Canton and when ... no, if ... that might change.

There's plenty here for everyone, including two-minute drills where Ron and Rick are run through a blizzard of questions involving Hall-of-Fame members, current controversies, Jon Bon Jovi and, of course, Johnny Football.

It's two hours of information, deliberation and illumination as our hosts take you on a two-hour Talk of Fame tour -- with Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft along for the ride ... and if you can't make it don't worry. We have you covered. You can find this weekend's program on a podcast at this site next week -- or any week -- ready whenever you are.

Courtesy - The NFL

Courtesy: NFL


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