The Dwight Clark interview: Talking Joe, Eddie D. in 2015


Former San Francisco 49ers' wide receiver Dwight Clark was a guest of the Talk of Fame Network twice within six months, once in the autumn of 2015 and again just before Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, and each time he was asked to address the Hall-of-Fame candidacy of former 49ers' owner Eddie DeBartolo.

Dwight Clark with, L-R, Talk of Fame hosts Ron Borges, Clark Judge and Rick Gosselin.

He did. And he did it eloquently and passionately.

With Clark's announcement Sunday that he is suffering from ALS, we thought it appropriate to feature our 2015 interview with him where he talked about DeBartolo, Joe Montana, Tom Brady and the 49ers. As always, Clark was as candid as he was charming, and we post this to acknowledge what we love most about Dwight Clark.

His outsized personality.

Because Dwight Clark wasn't just a great player; he's a charismatic figure and a wonderful storyteller, someone we never tire of consulting and someone who always, always makes himself available. Never do we think about him more than we do now.


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