The NFL RB you’d build a team around? It’s Fournette

Rick Gosselin

The Jacksonville Jaguars used the fourth overall pick of the 2017 NFL draft on LSU running back Leonard Fournette.

The Jaguars may have drafted the future at the position. So say the listeners and readers at the Talk of Fame Network, who this week selected Fournette as the current NFL running back you'd like to build a team around.

Fournette received 24 percent of the vote, followed by Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell of the Steelers at 17 percent, defending NFL rushing champion Ezekiel Elliott of the Cowboys at 16 percent, Todd Gurley of the Rams and Devonta Freeman of the Falcons at 15 percent apiece and rookie Kareem Hunt of the Chiefs 13 percent.

There also was a three-way split among Talk of Fame Network hosts Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge.

“Ring the Bell for Le'Veon,” Borges said. “When they give him the ball, he runs with it like the cops are chasing him. Beauty of it is, they aren't.

Judge rang his bell for Gurley.

“Gurley is this decade's version of Marshall Faulk,” Judge said. “The only thing he can't leap is tall buildings in a single bound.”

Gosselin sided with Fournette.

“I’ve been waiting for Fournette to get to the NFL since his sophomore year at LSU when he rushed for 1,900 yards and scored 23 touchdowns,” Gosselin said. “He was the best back in college football’s best conference then. Six games into his NFL career he’s already in that same discussion at this level.”

Fournette is the only NFL player to score a touchdown in each of the first six weekends of this season, including jaunts of 90 yards against Pittsburgh and 75 against St. Louis. He has rushed for 100 yards in three of his first six games and ranks second in the NFL in rushing with 596 yards.

Hunt leads the NFL in rushing with 630 yards, Bell ranks third with 550 yards and Gurley fourth with 521 yards. Elliott ranks sixth in rushing with 393 yards but is spending as much time fighting the NFL over his six-game suspension as he is NFL defenses this season.


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