The top 20 NFL books ... ever



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If you follow the NFL, you read about it … not just through newspapers or posts on the internet but through books.

Earlier this year, we had Hall-of-Fame voter Gary Myers of the New York Daily News on a Talk of Fame Network broadcast to talk about his latest release, “Brady vs. Manning: The Untold Story of the Rivalry that Transformed the NFL.” The book was a huge success, with Myers doing 60 radio appearances and several book signings the week of the AFC championship game.

And he should have. It was an in-depth look at two Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks who met 17 times and defined an era, winning six Super Bowls between them.

But Myers’ book is just one of hundreds of thousands of tomes written about the NFL, with some of the best going back decades. We all have our personal favorites, and our Clark Judge cast an early vote for Robert Riger’s “The Pros,” a beautifully constructed coffee table look at the NFL in the last 1950s – with some of the best black-and-white photography of the game ever produced.

But that’s one man’s opinion. Our favorite historian, John Turney of Pro Football Journal passed on NFL Films' Chris Willis' favorites … and this just in: While he likes “The Pros” it’s not numero uno on his top 20. So what it is? You’re going to have to go here to find it:


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