Tim Brown, Charles Haley Take a Victory Lap

Rick Gosselin

Charles Haley photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys
Charles Haley photo courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys

(Photos courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys & Oakland Raiders)

Talk of Fame Network

Tim Brown and Charles Haley both visited with the Talk of Fame Network last fall to discuss their long and painful waits, five years apiece, for the door in Canton to swing open for them. They are back on this week’s show for a victory lap -- both Brown and Haley were elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2015.

Brown hasn’t played in 10 years but still ranks fifth all-time in catches, sixth in yards and seventh in touchdowns. When that knock on the door finally came last Saturday afternoon at his hotel room in Phoenix, Brown was appreciative for the honor -- not angry for having to wait.

“I don’t know if anger ever played a part of it,” Brown said. “It almost bordered on embarrassment. I have so many friends that are Hall of Famers, and I’m around those guys all the time, that I almost was becoming a pariah because they always felt as if they had to say, `Tim, you’re going to get in one day.’ Everyone has to comfort Tim… I just felt bad around those guys at times. That part of it was tough to be around Ronnie (Lott) and Marcus (Allen) and have to deal with the situation in a negative way.”

Now it’s all positive -- for Haley as well. He's the only player in NFL history with five Super Bowl rings. Like Brown, Haley got that knock on the door from Hall of Fame executive director David Baker.

“I usually get a phone call saying I didn’t make it,” Haley said. “But when I got the knock on the door, I took 2-3 steps and felt my legs were giving out. I thought, `Oh my God…is this it? Is this it? Then I opened the door and when I saw David and those cameras, my life changed. People have asked me how long it took for me to get in? I couldn’t tell you. I’m in -- and that’s all that matters.”

Haley talked about the defining moment of his career, his tenures with the 49ers and Cowboys and also addressed Tom Brady and Deflategate.

In addition to the two Hall of Famers, Talk of Fame Network host Clark Judge states the Hall of Fame case for former Cleveland Browns and 1960s NFL all-decade wide receiver Gary Collins, Ron Borges addresses the final pass of the season by the 2014 Seattle Seahawks in his Borges or Bogus segment a and Rick Gosselin explains how Tom Brady is bucking the trend of quarterbacks who throw and throw and throw in his Dr. Data segment.

The Hall of Fame Guys also discuss a few of finalists who didn’t get into the Class of 2015 -- Kurt Warner, Marvin Harrison and Orlando Pace -- and take a look ahead at the potential Class of 2016. The winner of the Talk of Fame Network’s contest to pick the Super Bowl winner and score, Paul Bower of Overland Park, Kan., also visits the show to talk about his new 60-inch big screen TV. And, as always, each hour of the two-hour show closes with the always entertaining two-minute drill.



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