Tinkering with extra points and kickers nothing new for NFL



(Morten Andersen photo courtesy of Minnesota Vikings)

(Jan Stenerud photo courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs)

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When the NFL in 2015 moved extra points from the 2-yard line to the 15 they put kickers on notice that their jobs would change dramatically.

Not only would extra points become more difficult – with kickers missing 71 of them last season, a 94.2 percent rate of success – but kickoffs might be in danger of being eliminated altogether. Abolishing kickoffs is a revolutionary and radical concept whose time is not here. Not yet. But tinkering with extra points …

Well, that idea arrived decades ago.

In fact, as Chris Willis of NFL Films points out in Pro Football Journal, talk of abolishing extra-point kicks … yes, abolishing them … goes back to 1932 when then-owner Tim Mara of the New York Giants first proposed it. Twenty-one years later, then-commissioner Bert Bell championed it again and … well, read for yourself.

Willis has it all documented here: http://nflfootballjournal.blogspot.com/2016/05/get-rid-of-extra-point.html


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