TOFN "5 Games'' podcast: Did Ty Law's plan win Super Bowl XXXVI?


Ty Law returns to Talk of Fame Network’s “5 Games’’ podcast today to discuss a far better memory than the one he had of Super Bowl XXXI. Today he dives into how his loud insistence on a game plan change the week before Super Bowl XXXVI led to one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history.

“I didn’t think the game plan was conducive to stopping them,’’ Law said of the plan Bill Belichick and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel came up with to stop the St. Louis’ Rams’ “Greatest Show on Turf’’ offense that had racked up over 500 points for the third straight season.

Law recalls a raucous team meeting in which he spoke out against a plan similar to the one the Patriots had run two months earlier in a close loss to St. Louis. That game convinced Law the Rams, while dangerous, were not what people thought.

“Because of how we played (them) in November I felt if this is one of the greatest offenses in the history of the NFL, we got a chance,’’ Law said. “I felt it was my duty (to say) ‘Hell no, Rack! Let’s man up!’’

Law explains how Crennel took that criticism and how Belichick accepted his suggestion. In fact, Law says, Belichick was always far more open to player suggestion and engagement “if he respected you’’ than the public might expect.

Law also explains how it came to be that the Patriots became the first Super Bowl entrant to be introduced as a team rather than as an offensive or defensive unit and how the shocking 9/11 terrorist attacks that September helped propel them into a Cinderella team that believed being a 14 ½-point underdog meant nothing to a team of Patriots.

While the football world saw those Patriots as “Cinderfellas,’’ Ty Law and many of his teammates believed they were much more than that. Law tells you how that came to be and what he felt as he walked off the field that day at the Superdome as red, white and blue confetti fell down upon him, young Tom Brady and their teammates.

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