TOFN "5 Games'' podcast: How Ty Law picked Tom Brady's pocket


Ty Law never thought he looked good in green. Yet in 2005, after being part of three victorious Super Bowl teams in New England, Law found himself wearing the hated colors of the New York Jets after a contract dispute led to his leaving the Patriots. How did such a change feel?

Law tells Talk of Fame Network listeners on its daily “5 Games’’ podcast how leaving for New York put a chip on his shoulder to prove Bill Belichick and the Patriots wrong. And he did.

Law led the NFL in interceptions in his first season with the Jets, recording a career-high 10. One of the sweetest came in his second meeting with his old friend and ex-teammate, Tom Brady.

“It was my duty to come out there and kick that booty!” Law says on the podcast.

Law recalls how and why he was able to come away with a 74-yard, pick six touchdown interception on Brady and what Brady’s reaction was the next day. He couldn’t get Law on the phone fast enough to ask how in the world that happened.

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