TOFN podcast: Banner -- Why Browns must choose a QB at top of draft


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The prevailing opinion is that the Cleveland Browns choose a quarterback with one of their first two draft picks -- most likely the first. And that's exactly what they should ... and must ... do, according to someone with an intimate knowledge of the organization.

I'm talking about former Browns' CEO Joe Banner, who addressed the Browns' draft on a recent Talk of Fame Network podcast, including the chances of them picking a quarterback no later than the fourth overall selection and, more than likely, the first.

"I don't think there's any doubt they're going to do that," Banner said, "and I don't think there's any doubt that, as long as they have a grade on any quarterback that's at least a good player who, when surrounded by the right people, can lead them a long way, that that's what they should do.

"They should've been doing that the last few years as well. I still talk to some of the people there, (and) I'd be absolutely flabbergasted if that isn't what they do. And it is what they should've been doing and what they are doing.

"I think the owner (Jimmy Haslam) and the new GM -- John Dorsey -- that they brought in, think about that position differently now than they have since at least Jimmy's been there running the team and where he was influenced by others at some point to put less emphasis on this. I think those days are gone, which is a good thing for the franchise and the fans there."

At this point, nearly anything different from the past is a good thing. The Browns won one game the past two years, four the past three and finished last in the AFC North nine of the past 10 seasons, including the last seven. Critics contend it's because of a lack of continuity, with the Browns changing head coaches every two-to-three years, but Banner says it goes beyond that.

"For me, the Number One issue that they've had," said Banner, "and the reason that most explains unprecedented lack of success is the failure to get a quarterback ...

"They have a chance again this year with what is thought of at least as a good class ... I'm not sure it's as good as people thought it was a year ago ... to rectify that. And, if they do, I think you'll see them become at least solid very quickly."

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