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Rick Gosselin

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Success in the NFL for all teams depends so much on the strength of the quarterback position.

That’s why we invited Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman to visit with us on the Talk of Fame Network this weekend on the eve of the 2014 season. As Fox's top game analyst, no one studies -- and knows -- more about quarterbacks and the quarterback position than Aikman.

What’s the most important trait for a quarterback to have? Is it arm strength, size, courage, leadership, toughness? None of the above, Aikman told us.

“He's got to have accuracy,” Aikman said. “You can talk about intelligence, leadership, toughness, arm strength, quickness and all the other attributes, but if a quarterback can't throw a ball where he wants to throw it then none of the other stuff matters.”

Aikman also recalled his visit with Johnny Manziel during the offseason at the Final Four in Arlington.

"Johnny,” Aikman told him, “I think you have an opportunity to be a really spectacular player in this league and have a great career, but football has to be more important to you than being Johnny Football."

Hall of Fame cornerback Mike Haynes also visits with hosts Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge on this week’s show. Haynes talked about the difficulties of playing cornerback in today’s NFL, his pairing with Lester Hayes to give the Raiders the NFL’s best CB tandem in the 1980s, and also his high-school career as a quarterback.

Ron also discussed Michael Sam’s future in this week’s edition of Borges or Bogus, Rick talked about the major drawback in Indy’s bid for a Super Bowl in his Dr. Data segment, and Clark stated the Hall of Fame case for Tim Brown. And, as usual, the show was punctuated with the popular two-minute drill at the end of each hour.

So join us this weekend for the discussion of the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Famous.


Courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys


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