Turney: At least one upset near the top of NFL's best modern-era running backs

Clark Judge

Pro football historian John Turney of Pro Football Journal has been ranking the NFL’s all-time greats at each position the past few weeks and today moves on to the greatest running backs of the T-formation … or modern … era.

Naturally, the list starts with Jim Brown, and why not? He's sometimes called the best player ever.

But then the board gets interesting, with Turney filling out his Top 10 with Hall of Famers – and there’s at least one stunner. That would be Detroit’s Barry Sanders, whom he lists as the sixth-best back of the post-World-War II era.

Then there’s Gale Sayers at eighth, O.J. Simpson at ninth and Marion Motley at 12th. Surprising? To some it is. Turney’s first non-Hall of Famer is former Detroit star Billy Sims, and if you wonder where he’s listed just log on to his article below. You won’t be disappointed:


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