Turney: Ranking the NFL's greatest wide receivers of all time

Clark Judge

NFL historian John Turney of Pro Football Journal is back with another list, this time ranking the top wide receivers of all time.

Not surprisingly, Jerry Rice leads the roll call -- which is what happens when some historians consider you the greatest NFL player of all time. Having Don Hutson and Lance Alworth in the top three is no surprise, either. In fact, if you look at Turney’s top five, they all make sense.

But then the list gets intriguing, with Hall of Famers galore in places you might not expect. "Like where?" you ask.

Start reading here for the answers …

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brian wolf
brian wolf

Haven't commented on Turneys site yet, but alot of receivers didn't get their due...

My Top 5

Warfield Hutson Rice Alworth Harrison

I love Rice, but he dropped too many passes. Warfield and Hutson we're ultimate weapons. Alworth could jump 12 feet for a pass and Harrison broke many ankles leaving defenders in the dust.

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