Turney: Remembering the late, great Bart Starr

Clark Judge

The passing of Hall-of-Famer Bart Starr Sunday at the age of 85 is mourned not only by Green Bay Packers’ fans but by pro football fans everywhere. And for good reason.

It didn’t matter if you liked the Packers or not. You couldn’t help but admire their quarterback.

He was a leader on the field and a gentleman off of it. He was a great teammate, a deft ball handler and an accurate passer. But most of all, he was a winner.

In fact, all the guy did was win.

After losing the 1960 NFL championship game to Philadelphia, for instance, Starr never lost another playoff game, period, and you can look it up. He was 9-0 in those contests, winning five NFL championships and two Super Bowls and throwing for 14 touchdowns with only three interceptions.

In short, he was one of the greatest quarterbacks ever on one of the greatest football teams ever, the Green Bay Packers of the 1960s.

In his tribute to Starr, NFL historian John Turney of Pro Football Journal looks at what made the Packers’ quarterback so extraordinary, and to find it just keep reading below:


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