New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft is a Hall-of-Fame candidate. In fact, he’s been a Hall-of-Fame contributor finalist for years and is generally expected to reach Canton as the next NFL owner.

Once upon a time, that seemed in the near future. But now?

That’s the question Hall-of-Fame voters Clark Judge and Ron Borges of the Talk of Fame Network address in their latest “Two Men in Hats” installment, wondering what – if any – impact two misdemeanor charges of solicitation for prostitution have on Kraft’s Hall-of-Fame candidacy.

Kraft hasn't pleaded guilty to anything, is seeking to suppress video evidence and has requested a trial by jury. But independent of what a court finds, Kraft is subject to league discipline by commissioner Roger Goodell, who insists NFL executives and owners be held to a higher standard of conduct than players.

There almost certainly will be repercussions. To what extent, only time will tell. In the meantime, we look at the implications for Kraft’s Hall-of-Fame candidacy, something that is … and has been … meaningful to him.

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