Hear Staubach, Kelly, Warner, Fouts, Theissman and Winston on playing QB in the NFL


This week our Talk of Fame Network guys begin their annual three-week hiatus, which means three weeks of “The Best of Talk of Fame Network’’ shows, beginning with our all-quarterback issue.

You’ll hear Roger Staubach explain not only what he learned from the Cowboys’ Hall-of-Fame coach, Tom Landry, but also what Landry learned from his Hall-of-Fame quarterback.

“He really taught me a lot about preparation and reading defenses,’’ Staubach said, “and I taught him that quarterbacks can make first downs (running).”

Joining Staubach are Hall-of-Famer passers Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly and Kurt Warner, as well as the always talkative Joe Theismann and Tampa Bay Bucs’ quarterback Jameis Winston.

Winston’s coach, Dirk Koetter, told the Talk of Fame Network earlier this year that he believes “the sky’s the limit’’ for Winston, and Winston seemed to agree. In fact, he said he thinks his future is so promising that Bo Jackson may not wind up as the only guy from Bessemer, Ala., who plays both pro football and major-league baseball.

“Being from Bessemer and seeing Bo Jackson and hearing that name ring around a lot, that was a dream of mine,’’ Winston admitted. “So you never know. Football … the life span of this sport is not really guaranteed. So baseball might be there one day.”

Might he be open to playing both sports one day, just like Bo?

“No,” said Winston, laughing. “I was thinking like being a 50-year-old baseball player.”

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