Our HOF hosts handicap 2018 field of the 15 HOF finalists


This was a big week for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The votes were counted and 15 men were named Hall of Fame finalists. Our co-hosts, Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge, are members of the 48-person selection committee as well as holding seats on both the Senior Committee and the Contributors Committee so they know the ins and outs of Hall of Fame elections.

This week they share their expertise on Talk of Fame Network, interviewing finalist John Lynch and debating the chances of each candidate and what will make their case compelling.

Fourteen of the 17 finalists (including Senior nominees Robert Brazile and Jerry Kramer) are former All-Decade selections. With only five seats available for the 15 finalists named this week, it means at least nine players once judged the best at their position during a decade of play will be turned away.

The process is a grind for the nominees and the voters. Rick, Ron and Clark explain why and go in depth into the many factors that can decide a candidacy.

This week they debate the pros and cons of this year’s class and explain why having five offensive linemen as finalists may work against them all.

Will this finally be the year Terrell Owens enters the Hall or will Randy Moss or Isaac Bruce beat him out? Did the return as a finalist of Edgerrin James a year after failing to make the final cut last year signal this may be his time?

What of the field of four defensive backs? Does the presence of Lynch and Brian Dawkins mean the safety position is finally getting more respect after the induction of senior candidate Kenny Easley last year?

And what are the chances Everson Walls will make it to induction in his first year as a finalist while remarkably in his last year of eligibility?

Our hosts all have inside knowledge about the candidates and how the process works and they use their 40 combined years as HOF voters to handicap the field and explain why, for example, Brian Urlacher may not be the slam dunk first ballot Hall of Famer some think. They also weigh in on why no head coaches or quarterbacks made the finals this year.

The guys also analyze and dissect the weekend’s wildcard playoff games and Ron offers up a suggestion that it’s time for the NFL to seed the playoff teams regardless of conference to avoid what he claims is a loaded NFC playoff field and a nearly bankrupt AFC one.

To hear it all you can tune in on SB Nation Radio Network, download the free podcast on iTunes or the TuneIn app or simply go to the show’s website, talkoffamenetwork.com and click on the helmet icon to hear John Lynch and a whole lot more.