Panthers' GM explains why he took Maryland's DJ Moore over Alabama WR Calvin Ridley


After a five-year hiatus away from the NFL, Carolina Panthers’ general manager Marty Hurney ran his first draft since 2012 last week and found nothing much had changed. Maybe that’s because he was not only back in the NFL but back in his old office with the Panthers.

Hurney visited with Talk of Fame Network this week to talk about how he made the hard decision to select Maryland wide receiver D.J. Moore over Alabama’s Calvin Ridley and what it felt like to be back in the middle of the action on Draft Day.

“It was like riding a bike,’’ Hurney said. “A lot of the same guys were in the draft room. It’s still all about preparation. It fell right for us. (The draft is) the thing you miss the most. The juice the draft brings.’’

What it brought to Carolina, Hurney hopes, is an elite receiver to pair with quarterback Cam Newton, who by the way was another Hurney pick that hit from his first tenure with the Panthers.

So how did he settle on Moore over Ridley?

“It was close,’’ Hurney admitted. “We didn’t expect them both to still be there. The difference was we felt D.J is elite with the ball in his hands after the catch. DJ’s skill set is a little different than what we have. But both are going to be excellent receivers in this league.’’

Hurney goes on to explain why he took cornerbacks in consecutive picks, his philosophy of best player available over need and having learned an important lesson about love while he was away from the GM’s office.

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