Talk of Fame Network's 2017 greatest hits begin with a BANG


The Talk of Fame guys – long-time Pro Football Hall of Fame voters Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge – are doing what most NFL people do this time of year. They are taking the month of July off for a little R&R before kicking off the 2018 season when training camps open across the country.

But while our guys may be resting the first of our annual “best of’’ interview shows is up and available on our free podcasts at iTunes or on the TuneIn app. You can also find this week’s “best of’’ interview show on our website at

The guys will be back with their first new show on August 2, with all new arguments, interviews and a new set of State Your Case debates over former NFL stars the Hall of Fame has seemed to forgotten.

In the mean time, Rick and Clark will be part of the Hall’s Contributor selection committee, which will bring out two candidates in August for possible election in February.

Ron and Rick will also be part of the senior committee deabate. That committee is paring down a list of 100 nominees to 15 finalists. Those final 15 will be debated and voted on at an August 17 meeting at the Hall in Canton, Ohio. At that time they will review and debate those 15 senior finalists and then bring out one consideration and a vote the day befor the Super Bowl.

When the guys return on August 2, they’ll give our Talk of Fame Network readers an insider’s view of how those selections were made, how the debates went and will discuss who might be next in line for an enshrinement vote by those two committees.

Until then, enjoy our four best of interview shows that will include 2018 inductees Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher and Jerry Kramer as well as many other interviews that made national headlines during the 2017 season.

Thanks for listening and for your continued support of Talk of Fame Network's belief that the history of pro football remains as vibrant as its future..