TOFN "5 Games'' podcast: Was SB XVIII Flores' greatest Raider team?


Tom Flores has spent the week recalling his most significant moments in pro football as part of our “5 Games’’ podcast series. Today Flores remembers the events that led up to his second Super Bowl victory as a head coach, a 38-9 thrashing of the defending Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins.

Flores’ Raiders were in their second season in Los Angeles and had assembled what Flores would later say was the greatest Raider team ever built. It certainly proved that in Super Bowl XVIII.

But perhaps the key final piece didn’t arrive with the Raiders until November 10, 1983, the day a court allowed a trade with the New England Patriots that brought Flores one of the greatest cornerbacks in NFL history, Michael Haynes.

Flores explains how Haynes’ presence changed their defense and took them “from a good defense to a great defense.’’ What that led to the day they faced the Redskins was a simple defensive equation.

“They couldn’t run the ball and they couldn’t pass the ball,’’ recalls Flores, who goes into great depth explaining why throughout this podcast.

Yet there was more to winning Super Bowl XVIII than that. There was an offensive game plan designed by Flores that allowed Marcus Allen to rush for 191 yards and two touchdowns and a strategic benching of quarterback Jim Plunkett at midseason that revived Plunkett and the Raiders’ offense when he returned three weeks later. Why did Flores make those moves?

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