TOFN podcast: DeMarcus Ware -- Broncos' Chubb can be the next me


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DeMarcus Ware knows what makes a great pass rusher … mostly because he was one.

As an outside linebacker with Dallas and Denver, he produced 138-1/2 career sacks, and that's not just the eighth most in NFL history; it'll punch his ticket to Canton one day.

In the meantime, however, Ware has signed on with the Broncos to serve as pass-rush consultant, and talk about great timing. The Broncos just spent their first pick of the 2018 draft (and the fifth overall) on N.C. State's Bradley Chubb, the best pass rusher in this year's draft and maybe, just maybe, the best prospect overall.

So how good can he be? Ah, that's why we checked in with Ware to get his take on his new pupil and learn how he can make him the perfect bookend for another pass rusher, veteran Von Miller -- especially now that linebacker Shane Ray has been sidelined.

"Chubb is probably 6-4, 270," Ware said on the latest Talk of Fame Network podcast. "He's the guy who can come in and be that power guy and really help Von out.

"The attributes that he really brings to the game -- stopping the run and being able to be that strong-side guy for Von -- that's what you need. (The Broncos) have that tag-team again."

That's good news for Denver fans. Ware retired after the 2016 season, and, without him a year ago, Denver dropped from third in the NFL with 42 sacks in 2016 (the Broncos were tied with Seattle) to 22nd a year later with 33. Miller led the Broncos again, but he went from 13-1/2 in 2016 to 10. Worse, the next best Bronco had 5-1/2.

Now the better news for Denver fans: Chubb on Thursday officially became a Bronco, signing a four-year deal worth an estimated $27.27 million.

So now the question: Is Bradley Chubb the next DeMarcus Ware?

"You know what? " said Ware. "He can be. He's one of those guys who's mature. He listens. And that's what you want from a young guy. Because some of them come in very arrogant, saying, 'OK, I'm in the league now.' But to me, he has that 'I just arrived mentality. Now what do I need to do to deliver?' "

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