TOFN podcast: Dungy recalls decision to abandon pass in 2006 AFC title game


In Episode 2 of our new podcast Hall of Fame head coach Tony Dungy recalled the victory he had begun to wonder would ever come, the Indianapolis Colts 2006 come-from-behind AFC Championship game against his long-time nemesis, the New England Patriots.

Tony talks not only about the importance of the game to both Peyton Manning and himself but also explains in shocking detail that the catalyst behind his late-game decision to run the ball to victory rather than put it in Manning’s hands.

What was most incredible is the man who first suggested the Colts go away from their prolific passing attack and hand the ball off to a running back named Joseph Addai at the two-minute warning with the game on the line. Whose ideas was that?

“That was really (Hall of Fame wide receiver) Marvin Harrison, believe it or not,’’ Dungy said. “Nobody could believe it in the huddle. Marvin wanted to pass on every play.’’

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