TOFN podcast: Dungy's return to Tampa a rocky road home


Tony Dungy paid an emotional visit back to Tampa in 2003, his first as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts after having been fired by the Buccaneers two years earlier. In today’s Talk of Fame Network podcast, Dungy recalls his feelings as one quarter slipped into the next, and his new team fell behind, 28-7, in the fourth quarter.

“I told the team all week the one thing we can’t do is fall behind,’’ Dungy recalled. “If Tampa gets ahead their (defense is) relentless.’’

Exactly what Dungy feared most is what happened. His team was trailing badly, but what happened next? Dungy recalls a frantic Peyton Manning fourth-quarter comeback that almost didn’t happen because of a decision Dungy was pondering until he mentioned it to veteran Colts’ offensive coordinator Tom Moore. Moore listened and then gave Dungy a lesson in Peyton Manning that he would never forget.

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