Why isn't '69 Chiefs' defense listed among all-time best? HOF corner wonders why

Ron Borges

Emmitt Thomas is a Hall-of-Fame cornerback who played on one of the greatest defenses of all-time, yet it is seldom mentioned when the debate comes to shutdown defenses.

Why have the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs’ been forgotten? Emmitt tells the Talk of Fame Network his theory this week.

“I guess because we were in the AFL,’’ says Thomas, whose ’69 Chiefs were the last defense to lead the league in defense across the board – run, pass, scoring and total defense. “I think we ranked with any defense that ever played.’’

Anyone who knows football history, and our Hall-of-Fame co-hosts Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge certainly do – understands that. But what many may have forgotten is that Chiefs’ team had eight future Hall of Famers, including six on defense (plus quarterback Len Dawson and kicker Jan Stenerud), and was the first to start a majority of African-Americans.

Those Chiefs won two AFL titles and went 1-1 in two of the first four Super Bowls before age caught up with them. Thomas believes that, too, may be a factor in why the 1969 Chiefs’ defense is seldom listed among the league’s greatest defensive teams.

“We didn’t win as many championships as we should have,’’ he tells the Talk of Fame Network.

Thomas, who recently retired after 38 years as an NFL assistant coach, won one Super Bowl ring as a player and two as an assistant with the Washington Redskins. His views on why interceptions are down, what made soon-to-be inducted Johnny Robinson a Hall-of-Fame safety and what is the most important trait in an NFL cornerback are all there on the Talk of Fame Network’s weekly show and podcast.

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